I graduated college exactly 1.5 months ago. I’m just starting my third week of work. The last piece of furniture for my bedroom was delivered a week ago, and we only got wifi for our apartment two days ago. I’ve basically been scrambling to pull my life together — is it working? I mean, days pass, I go to work, and slowly I’m planting my feet in my new apartment, my new commute, my new city, and my new life. Every afternoon that I get off the T and walk the four blocks to my front door, it becomes a bit more real.

This is my life, a polite life. I’m chronicling this beginning and hopefully, figuring it all out in the process. I’m technically a yuppie, BuzzFeed just told me that I’m actually a yuccie, but all I’m trying to do is eat good food with good people and vibe the city [read: town] of Boston.