Last night, I went to dinner at Penang. My dinner date and I went on the later side [8:30], but there were still multiple parties who came in around the same time as us or even after, and since the place is huge I’m sure you’d basically always be able to get a table. I wasn’t prepared to be that impressed, considering the yelp reviews were meh and the place is sort of decorated like a tacky tiki bar. But whatever, right?

Good: the curry I got. I’m vegetarian, which I’m sure will be mentioned many times throughout my posts, so I wasn’t able to try some of their most popular dishes involving chicken or beef. But I am telling you, I got the curry with mixed vegetables and tofu and it was so good. Actually so good. Not sure if it was truly Malaysian, because honestly I’m not sure I’ve eaten enough Malaysian food to know, but I would order it multiple times over. It was also massive which is a serious plus in my book. Honorable mention, my dinner companion got the basil fried rice with shrimp which was apparently bomb too.

Bad: the vegetarian steamed rolls. Nuh uh. Rice paper wrapped around lettuce and like a piece of tofu. Oof.

Would I go back? As previously stated, I could eat that curry for days. So, yes, I would, but tbh I’d rather try other Asian restaurants in the area first because there are so many.