I rolled out of Sunset Cantina after I ate there last night. Seriously, that’s how full I was.

I have a large appetite, it’s no secret. So, of course I decided to split the nachos with my friends and then order my own meal. I always order my own meal; I am definitely not one of those people that says let’s just split something because that is wholly, entirely not enough food.

The nachos. Holy god. Let me just first say that I’m honestly not that big a fan of nachos in general. I never order them, never really want them, never think they’re that great. Basically my friends knew how good these were, told me we had to order them, so I said fine whatever.

The plate is huge. The nachos are stacked like, a foot high, topped with the WORKS which is probably what made them so good. Each chip had a chance to pick up some topping flare. You just eat them and eat them and eat more and then there’s still nachos left and you just sit there and think how and then eat more until your stomach is so full it pushes against the table. The funniest part is that my food, as in the actual meal I ordered, came out after the nachos and all I could do was pathetically stare at my fajita and eventually take it home, untouched.

Honorable mention: the drinks. And the real food. The drink menu and food menu are extensive. It’s a great place to get drunk and also to eat. Although probably not both really because I doubt I could’ve drank a margarita and eaten nachos, let alone actually get drunk from it considering the sheer mass of food I ate. OH and the fries — they have a whole section for different kinds of fry flavors like cajun or sour cream & chive. That dedication to an already perfect food really sealed the deal for me.