Ah, Tia’s. The infamous Tia’s. For a few glorious warm months every year, the bars on Boston’s waterfront become meccas for any yuppie/yuccie within a ten mile radius. Button downs and leather shoes galore. People talking about how fucked up they get with their boss. Finance bros. Does it get any better ..?

Sound like a low level of purgatory? Honestly, the reason I cite for not going is that the lines are always so, so long. Luckily, last night, we didn’t have to wait at all. It was my friend’s last night in town, and the whole time the only thing I had to promise her we would do was go to Tia’s on Thursday. Ugh. So I said, fine, but then we have to go early and eat there first. Thank the lord we did that because it worked out so well. We got there early, around 5:45, and sat down in the dinner section outside. The sun was shining, the drinks were flowing, our waiter was actually fantastic [shout out to you, Tim!], and the food was pretty good. The best part? After we finished our meal we just walked over to the bar from the inside. This is key. By this point, the line was literally halfway down the waterfront. No idea what person thinks Tia’s is honestly great enough to warrant that, but whatever. Wasn’t my problem last night.

What was my problem? Surprise, my college alma mater decided to have an alumni event at Tia’s last night. HA HA, everyone you never wanted to see again is at the same tiny bar as you!! Jokes. On. You. Thankfully I was already four stiff drinks deep by the time we meandered to the bar, but like, come on. But that’s what I get for going to Tia’s…

What made it better? Late night ice cream at Fanueil Hall. I needed it.