As a vegetarian, there are a lot of foods I dearly miss. Yeah yeah, I try to remember why I’m vegetarian in the first place and that sort of helps me crave certain foods [read: meat] less, but sometime’s it’s just not enough. One of the things I miss the most is dumplings. Xiao long bao? Ugh.

Glorious dumplings. I’m from San Francisco, a haven of wonderful Chinese cuisine; I would dare to say home to some of the best dumplings and dim sum in the country. So, I’ve been really missing dumplings. Then the other day, I made plans to get dinner with my friend who lives in Central Square. I was looking around that area and stumbled on Patty Chen’s Dumpling House. I just clicked on it for shits really, knowing that I would just be saddened by all the great looking dumplings I wouldn’t be able to eat. But, woah uh hey. Plethora of veggie dumplings. Not just that one dish of veggie gyoza/potstickers that is never good. Nuh uh. We’re talking thought-out ingredients, delicious combos, and multiple options for types of veggies. I immediately knew I had to eat there. And would probably be back, perhaps even weekly. Just kidding, sort of.

Anyways, I loved it. I got three [yes, really, 3] orders of veggie dumplings. My favorite was probably the Patty Chen Vegan. I liked the dumpling skin on that one the best. And the dipping sauces that accompanied each dumpling plate were good as well.

Honorable mention: the vegan hot and sour soup. This soup is another casualty of vegetarianism. One of my long-time staples, I completely wrote it off as being gone forever. Patty Chen’s has it! Definitely not the same style as classic hot and sour soup, but I still thought it was tasty, and had strong flavor.