On the third Wednesday of every month, the Charlesmark Hotel puts on a wine tasting event from 6-8pm. I work literally three blocks away from the hotel, have eaten at the Sweetgreen next door multiple times (maybe more than I would care to admit?), and have never noticed it. So when we signed up for the event I was like huh, where? Glad I finally discovered it.

So it’s $20, for six tastings, plus cheese + some other bites. Not a bad deal. I went with five of my girlfriends, but a couple of us get out of work basically right at 5pm, which is somewhat unheard of, so we arrived at the place early, at like 5:45. Thank god we did. It’s held in their ‘lounge’ space, which is small, I gotta say. Like really small for the amount of people who were there. I had no idea it would be like that, but luckily because we got there early we snagged a couple ottomans/benches to sit on. Most people did not get seats. Ouch. Anyway, I was obviously starving, so I gorged myself on the cheese cubes and crackers that were out. Yes, cheese and crackers are always good, but like, this was seriously the cheese tray you would find at Shaw’s. So ok, nothing special. They also had Oreos out? what? Once again, yes Oreos are great, but dude come on. So right away I realized this wasn’t gonna be some snooty wine tasting yotta yotta.

As I mentioned, there were six wines to try – three whites, three reds. I really love wine. My uncle owns a vineyard (woo Carlton Hill), my fam drinks wine everyday, talks about wine; we are wine people. That’s not to say I have great taste in wine, for example I enjoy Franzia just as much as the next gal, but I do know what wine I like and when wine is… not to my liking. Sorry to say but, the wine at the event, was pretttttty mediocre. I couldn’t finish one of the glasses it was so syrupy. But, hey, what do I expect for $20? I still drank five and a half wine pours and left full of cheese. I am forsure going back maybe sometime in January or February when life is cold and dull and dreary and I want something to look forward to on a Wednesday night.