Hi – so.. back from that hiatus…

Anyway. Life goes on. So, I figured I’d come back with a couple reviews. First order of business: Hops N Scotch.

I live pretty close, and I’ve always heard good things, so I wanted to give it a try. My friends and I went to dinner here on a Friday night when we felt like getting drinks but not going out. The drink I ordered was good, but.. tiny. As in two/three sips tiny. Cute glass, sure I get that, but I prefer large, stiff drinks so this was disappointing.

Food. Most of it was pretty good. I liked the fried pickles because they were thin strips of pickles, instead of the typical wedge, which I thought was a better way to do it. We also got pesto fritters, and honestly not sure those could be bad, because hello, but eh, maybe not worth getting again. I ordered a veggie burger, also perfectly good but eh, kinda mushy. The real winner was the grilled cheese. So simple, but great. It came with a thick and flavorful creamy tomato soup. The bread for the sandwich was thick, chewy but still toasted and the cheeses used combined really well. Brie!

Honorable mention: their fries. Thick cut, big steak fries. And served with vinegar yesssssss.

Would I go back? Forsure. Would I suggest it? Probs not.