Back to reality after Thanksgiving holiday. Pretty sure I’m still full.

Before Thanksgiving, my friends and I went to The Gallows for  a celebratory dinner. I’d randomly found this place while looking for something else, and made note I needed to try it at some point. Well, I gotta say I was totally right. The food was suhhhh good. I was particularly drawn to this place because they had vegetarian poutine. Mhmm.  I love poutine but it’s made with meaty gravy so as a veg, I haven’t gotten to eat it in a while. It was so good. It was basically a vegetable ragou over cheese and fries. A lot of fries. Actually, the cheese was kind of meh, something along the lines of ricotta – I wished it was a stronger cheese. But whatever, I would still order it again 100%. We also ordered apps of white bean hummus and patatas bravas. Both really great. I loved how the patatas bravas was a) whole roasted baby potatoes and b) came with a spicy tomato jam [fancy version of ketchup?]. A couple of my friends got burgers which were great too. Some of their burger creations are very creative. One is a bit OTT and has like pulled pork and a chicken thigh on it? Maybe too much, maybe just right.

Drinks were good too. I didn’t really like the drink I ordered, which was basically sweet tea + vodka, but I think I could’ve seen that one coming. They had a great drink with campari + rosemary. I’d never seen that combo before.

There were multiple more things on the menu I wanted to try, and it’s a limited menu! Big points for that. Already looking forward to when I can go back.