MMM, Jewish comfort food. MMM, anything else you could ever want. How could you not like Zaftigs?

I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone say a bad thing about this place. They’re open seven days a week — even on the Sabbath.. wait so does that mean they’re not really Jewish? Anyway, seven days a week, until 9PM. That’s huge. Usually a breakfast/lunch place only stays open till like 2 or 3PM. Which blows because breakfast for dinner is a solid choice that I often think about. So thank god for Zaftigs.

I’ve eaten here so many times I probably could give you a review on the majority of items on the menu. If you’re going for the first time, I’d recommend at least trying one of the following: potato pancakes, the eggs benedict ON potato pancakes [with lox!! holyyyyy], chicken matzoh ball soup, challah french toast, the reuben, falafel wrap,  chicken pot pie, the lupo [brisket layered BETWEEN potato pancakes] … there’s a lot. It’s kind of hard to go wrong, luckily.

Honorable mention: the fact that they serve homemade bagel chips and schmear instead of bread for your table. Yah it’s as good as it sounds.