Last night my friend and I were shopping at Goodwill gathering supplies for an upcoming venture [stay tuned] and obviously were hungry. Right down the street on Comm was a true hole-in-the-wall place called Live Noodles. We were lured by the article reviews posted to the windows and the promise of hand pulled noodles.

What a great find. As a veg, I was semi skeptical I’d find something hearty/good to eat because it was a small place with a heavy focus on meat dishes. There ended up being multiple things I could’ve gotten and what I did get was such a winner. I ordered the large vegetarian hot pot, which is $8 and you can pick up to six items, ranging from baby bok choy to lotus to cauliflower, or noodles or tofu. What came to the table was a gargantuan wooden bowl, like the kind you serve the communal salad in, filled with noodles and veggies and chilis and flavor. It was so good. And so large, that realistically, three people probably could have split it. I’m not kidding. AND IT WAS $8.  My friend ordered the noodles with egg which was so so so good as well – full of bok choy, bean sprouts, and scrambled egg. The noodles starred though and were chewy but firm, like all dreamed of noodles should be.

I am 100% returning at my earliest convenience.