Ah, Gibbet Hill Grill. The famous. Located in Groton, MA, this place is epitome of local, small town, farm-to-table delicious food. It’s about 45 minutes from Boston, but I gotta say, well worth the drive.

I ate there last Sunday for an early dinner. The restaurant is located on a rolling hill, next to their greenhouse that grows produce which is used in most of their dishes. Very picturesque. And the ingredients that aren’t their own are sourced locally, and for the meats, either beef FROM THEIR FARM, or flown in fresh THAT DAY. Great.

So, I went with my roommate, and though we are but two people, we decided that it was necessary to order as many of the items we wanted because, tbh, when were we going to drive 45 minutes again. Hah, little did we know that we’d fall in love with this place.

We ordered: the cheese crab dip, the farmhouse grilled cheeses + tomato soup, brussel sprouts, red bliss garlic mashed potatoes, the burger, the salmon, the chocolate pot de creme, and the milk + cookies. As I was saying, we really let it all go in terms of deciding what to get.

God it was all so good. The crab dip had tons of crab chunks, delicious broiled cheese on top. So worth it. We also loved the grilled cheese, however it comes with two kinds of grilled cheese, and the baguette + goat cheese was kinda meh. The other style was more ‘classic’ and MMM divine. I ordered the salmon.. yeah decided to go a little lax on that whole vegetarian thing for this momentous meal. I am not kidding, and I know I haven’t eaten salmon in a while, but holy god, this salmon was quite possibly the best I’ve ever had. I’ve even included a photo because it was that good. On a bed of roasted golden beets and what I’ve deemed as creamed leeks, the salmon was crispy on the skin, tender and flavorful on the inside.


And, of course, as a dessert lover, I truly fell head over heels for this place once I tried the desserts. The pot de creme was so flavorful, rich, but still light… and the homemade cookies with adorable milk were obvs delicious.

It’s fun to head out to small town Groton and dine on a delicious meal, and it was a great Sunday dinner in the traditional sense. Not to mention, the prices are incredibly reasonable. Like seriously.

Yeeeeppppppp, I’ll be back.