Last Friday, I had dinner at Panza in the North End. I don’t usually eat in that area – it always seems like it’s such a bother and probably touristy and mostly people on dates. But, I was going to Improv Asylum for a show [side note: this place is great, if you haven’t been before. Always hilarious. And I’m always in awe of how good the improv is, how do people do that] with my mom, who was visiting, and thought it would be fun to grab dinner in the ‘historic’ North End afterwards.

I researched a bit online of course before booking, because duh. Panza turned up in a few searches, a Thrillist, yotta yotta as a solid place for Italian fare that wasn’t an overpriced, overhyped, North End bust. So I said sure.

We loved Panza. First off, the bruschetta was notably great. It’s huge, win, and has great flavor from tomatoes + balsamic + goat cheese + garlic. My mom ordered veal parm, which has been one of her sentimental favorite dishes since childhood, and she was gushing over it. Another win. I ordered the special, an eggplant + olive ravioli with arugula pesto and I think shaved romano. TBH, the pesto was too oily. I don’t think I would order a pesto dish at this place again. Buuuuut, the filling was super tasty, and the rav was cooked right, so, I was fine with it.

TL; DR: Yes to bruschetta, parm, and basically anything with tomato. Definitely need to make a res, there was a line for this place all night [typical North End..]