Brunch at Townsman. I was eagerly anticipating this brunch for WEEKS. Hmm? They only do lunch and dinner? Hah, not so.

On the last Saturday of every month, Townsman hosts brunch. With beats. And a #caketable. This past Saturday, I finally got to see what the fuss is about. And really, it’s true, #caketable is brunch #goals [#Sorry]. Seriously though, this meal did not disappoint. Food.. tasty and fun, with items like the bologna pony, which I interpreted as a classy McGriddle, a cinnamon roll grilled cheese and comfort classics like chicken fried steak, chicken + waffles. I ordered a yum egg dish with fava beans.

But really, their savory food was secondary for me. What really took the cake was something they offer called #caketable. It’s exactly what you’re probably imagining. So, you pay $10 for access to the table. On said table are probably around 12-15 different baked morsels, ranging from triple layer cakes to cookies to cinnamon buns. I tried every. single. thing. except the fudge cookies because I just couldn’t fit them in. Next time for those. Goddddddddd it was sooooooo good. I have a serious sweet tooth obviously, so this was basically brunch heaven. My favorites were: the cinnamon bun, ginger?/molasses cookie, lemon poppy seed cake, and monkey bread. There was also: donuts, olive oil citrus cake, pain au chocolat, oreo cake, brownies, brioche cheese tart…

TL;DR: 100% plan on returning. The illusive ‘once a month’ aspect only makes it that much more fun.