Honestly, this is going to be more of a love sonnet penned to Barcelona. An ode.

I live right near the Brookline location, and I will admit I’ve been there more times than I can keep track of. Not sure whether I’m admitting that with shame or pride, but I think pride.

I love this place. I’ve never had a bad experience, and as I said, I’ve been enough times that I would almost expect to be disappointed at some point. Sometimes our server is the shit and brings over free tapas to try. Sometimes I get recommended three different wines, and love them all. Even if I had had some nasty encounter, I would still go back because the food is that good. Obvs the wine selection is great and extensive, but, the tapas are suhhhh good, and the crusty bread is fresh baked, piping hot, perfect for oil or dipping in various sauces, and the bread bucket is forever refillable.

I always get the broccolini, the brussel sprouts, and the spinach & chickpea cazuela. The rest of the choices are up for debate, but you can’t really go wrong. The only time I regretted ordering a dish is when I went for like, the house salad. It was exactly that, lettuce and some garnishes. Boring. Why would I do that? They have a small number of dishes that rotate, which is fun, and they they also offer larger plates that serve multiple people, such as paella. They also have a whole section dedicated to cheese and charcuterie, where you can mix and match, and try some yum cheese.

The atmosphere is A+ too. It’s a big place, at least the Brookline location, but it does not feel warehouse-y. It’s mostly wood on the inside, and low lighting, coupled with metal features. Great vibe. Always packed, in a good way. And in the warmer weather, they have tons of outdoor seating.

And, PSA, if you fill out the comment card at the end of your meal, which is usually just me gushing compliments tbh, you’ll get a token for a free tapa! Because duh, you’ll be back to use it.