I’ve been hearing about Wink & Nod for a while, so I figured it was time to try it out. I mostly know it as a speakeasy type bar with great drinks. But what I didn’t realize is that they have a rotating chef program. Every six months, a new chef and a new concept move in and serve up their delicious morsels. Right now, it’s Greek cuisine: Pelekasis by chef Brendan Pelley.

We ordered drinks of course, the Indian Summer and Recovery, both of which are gin drinks and both of which I liked. I think I preferred the Recovery, but liked the ginger kick of the Indian Summer.

On to the food. We ordered: molten cheese, fried cheese, roasted beets, falafel, boar meatballs, and crispy brussel sprouts. All of them are small plates, so basically between the three of us, a few bites of each. My favorites were the falafel and brussels. I think I would skip the molten cheese and the meatballs. We were reaaaaally hoping to try the ‘One Hundred Layer’ spanakopita, but they were in the process of making a fresh batch so we missed out on that. All the food was flavorful, well done, and fun to eat. We also had a baller table tbh, placed right in the back corner in a booth, facing out on the scene. Great. I loved this menu, would easily eat this menu again, but I am also looking forward to June when it rotates next.

This place would be perfect for date night or for an intimate beginning to a night out. And you can of course just come for drinks, which would be a solid choice as well.