I feel like this is a restaurant that most people only go to for special occasions. Not because it’s fancy, but I suppose it’s because of the theme; because people don’t want to readily admit they would eat chocolate for dinner on any given day of the week. Not sure why you wouldn’t want that, tbh.

I’ve been here a few times, most recently on Monday. Sometimes when I go, I opt out of ordering savory food and just stick to the choc. But, the menu is so tempting, so I ordered the chickpea salad with avocado, which is plated on a thin cheddar waffle. Surprise! It’s just hidden under all that lettuce. What a great discovery to make. This really upped the salad game, I thought, and would def get that again. Their burgers look amazing, and the waffle fries I know are pretty good, dusted in cocoa. They have tons of other food choices as well, which I think deserves a nod considering Max Brenner is really only known for the chocolate.

For the main event, we ordered the Sharing Fondue for Two and a half order of the pizza with ‘The Works’. Greeeaaaaat choices. The pizza was definitely my fave. It’s dough, topped with: hazelnuts, peanut butter, bananas, marshmallows, and chocolate. Holyyyy what. Fabulous. The fondue was also A+, and came with a sampling of some other items, like the waffle, brownie, fried bananas, and chocolate brittle. Fondue is fun in the first place, and it was cool that other items were included as well for us to try.

Yeah, there’s no real way to say you won’t be back. You’re gonna want a reliable, delicious, chocolate sit-down dessert sometime again in the future. I know it, you know it. And, I saw that they do brunch, which seems like a wonderful idea to me.