I’ve walked past this place what seems like a million times, I’ve seen it on the Yelp list of nearby restaurants every time I search, I’ve considered ordering lunch from here when working from home, but for some reason it was just never the right time to go. Ah, but finally, last Sunday, I did.

It’s Vietnamese, but they also have Thai dishes. For example, I ordered a yellow vegetable tofu curry. My friend ordered the beef pho, and she liked it, buttttt she had to admit Le’s in Allston was better. I enjoyed my curry, definitely nothing bad to say about it, but not sure I would tell someone they need to try this place. I am curious to try their Bun, which is tied with pho for the title of my favorite Vietnamese dish.

I think this could become a great spot for when you really just want some pho or Viet food and you want it ASAP. No frills, just some solid eats.