Tucked in the edge of Chinatown, Shojo is small and packs a punch. I didn’t get drinks but they have a pretty decent sized bar and great looking drinks. Next time.

What I did get were some amazing, truly fusion, dishes. Duck fat fries shadowless. Oh what is this shadowless you speak of? Baaaasically, it’s a spin off poutine. Which I love. Always. It’s very hard for me to resist poutine in the first place, much less a spin off poutine. This is covered in what was described as ma po tofu + beef + chives + cheese. Obviously, that sounds great, and it is pretty great. It does feel like a rock in your stomach tho, I won’t lie. SO, toss up but I’m pretty sure we all know the choice.

We also ordered the chicken and waffles. This was a spin as well because the waffle was eggettes [not sure what they’re called here.. but that’s what we call it in SF]. You know, a waffle you might find at a boba place? The fried chicken in this dish was also really good – spiced, moist, crunchy. To top it all off, we went with the mushroom bao and the shrimp bao. These weren’t bad, but I wasn’t sold. Not sure I would order them again.

I left feeling prettttttttty full of fried food. But content.