So, even though I do consider myself a foodie – ya know, someone who is consistently broke because they eat out all the time, is always making a list of restaurants to try, and is generally interested in all things food? Well, that’s me, but, I have what I think is a chip on my shoulder about expensive, chichi, bougie food. I understand technical prowess or chef prestige or quality ingredients. Of course. But so many places up charge for mediocre food when I can go to a hole in the wall and eat some of the best dumplings mankind has to offer for $6.  Also, portion sizes. It’s like, the more expensive the food is, the less you get. Make sense? No.

Anyway, the reason I’m prefacing with that mini rant is because I tried what I would have guessed to be a place jussssst like what I described above. The Table at Seasons to Taste is a quaint restaurants serving up a four course prefixe menu by famous chef Carl Dooley. He’s won all kinds of awards, been on TV – he’s made it. However, his ridiculously personal restaurant is not chichi, and neither is the price. It has an open floor plan, so I can see the dishes coming together. You can even sit at the bar for a real up close view. I can also see that it’s him, Carl, with his stellar team obvs, but him no less, plating my food. Bringing my food to me. Asking me if I like it. Is that what it feels like to be starstruck?

On to the food! Four courses. Each course has two options. I went with someone, so we agreed to just order one of everything, i.e. splitting the menu, so we could try all the offerings. I won’t list it all, as it is a long delicious list. But my favorites were: the seared tuna, asparagus with shrimp and sausage, hake, and dessert – passionfruit/mango rice pudding and banana/chocolate parfait.

  1. I don’t really like tuna. I loved this dish. It was paired with pickled cucumbers and fresh crispy accouterments. It was just great, so, guess I do like tuna. Thanks Carl.
  2. Our waitress also was fantastic in recommending a wine. I said, I like pinot noir or cote du rhone, or dry white/pinot grigio. Not sure whether to get red or white as we’ll be eating both meat and fish. She recommends a type of wine I had never heard of or tried before, cotes du jura. It’s a light pinot noir. It was fantastic.

And, after your meal, they send you home with an adorable homemade granola bar.

I absolutely loved everything about this place. The menu changes every month, and I cannot WAIT to go back and try a whole new set of dishes. The Table is tiny, as forewarning, so it’s definitely more for an intimate setting, but that makes it all the better.