It’s always crowded. Tuesday at 6pm? 40 minute wait?? Yeah, it might be hyped a bit, it’s dark, it’s loud, but really, the food and drink here are pretty great. It’s only a few blocks from my office, so I love coming here after work. I always say it’s gonna be ‘just for a drink’ but then I see the menu and I just have to get something. There are two full bars and lots of casual seating though, if you can stick to just a drink.

I think what makes this place so good is all the little touches they have. They serve a grapefruit granita as a palate cleanser when you first sit down, with a splash of tequila on top. They serve their fresh, hot chips with four different types of salsas, each with a varied spice level and unique taste. And, at the end of every meal, you’re served a biiiiiiig cotton candy with your check. All of those extra details really add up, not to mention that the cotton candy is probably the single biggest advertisement for Lolita just due to #instas alone.

I love the chopped salad, the tacos, their sides such as broccolini and brussel sprouts, that corn, and the quesadillas. Also, they have a whole section dedicated to guac. MMMM. Guac with crab + lobster, with bacon, with three kinds of chile.. Need I say more?

Aaaand, it is a tequila bar. They have a fun choice of margs, with inventive flavors, and you can get any of them in a pitcher. Not to mention their other choices, like delicious mojitos. Or the extensive tequila list, if you’re in the mood for something straight up.