It’s no secret that vegetarian eats take a back seat in foodie life. Bacon this, short rib that, top it off with a burger. Pork belly with marrow in beef broth. And, meat is great, we all know this. But, so are vegetables.

Whole Heart Provisions is somewhat new, taking the place of Root in Allston. I love everything they are serving. Big bowls of any vegetable you could dream, in inventive ways, topped off with delicious sauce of your choosing. Add some fried chickpeas on top for good measure. Seriously, they’ve got amazing veg options like carrot + radish kimchi, bulgogi beets, roasted broccoli, spicy brussels, miso BBQ tofu, pickled cauliflower… the list goes on, and on, and ON. Also, if you’re looking for something more than a bowl, they offer a falafel dog. Yes, much better than a regular hot dog. In a toasted bun, with pickles, tomatoes, and some kick. Mmmm. Or another crowd fave, the seared avocado. Half an avocado, drizzled with some magic, and topped with crispy lentils. Ohhhhhkay.

Entirely vegetarian, and vegan friendly, this place should be a go-to for omnivores alike. You won’t be complaining about eating your veggies, I promise.

And, ya know, kombucha on tap.