IT’S MAY. New month, new cravings, new restaurants.

Here are some places I’m currently desperate to try:

  • Yvonne’s: I know, how have I not already been there, it’s amazing it’s so fun. I’m sitting here wondering the same thing.
  • Doretta Taverna: this place just popped up on my radar. The menu looks fantastic.
  • Tasting Counter: this concept is SO cool. Just buy my ticket and leave the rest up to you? Sounds great to me.
  • Estragon: as you might have read, I’m pretty into tapas. I’ve heard tales that this place is better than Barcelona… Of course I need to find out.
  • Oleana: a vegetarian’s dream, and a carnivore’s delight as well don’t worry. Everything seriously sounds soooo good, and this is one of my favorite cuisines to begin with.


Happy eating!