Everyone’s heard of the oldest restaurant in Boston, Ye Olde Union Oyster House. Open since 1826! But I was less familiar with another historic place, dare I say Boston’s oldest beer hall, Jacob Wirth. Open since 1868!

I’m not sure how I came to learn about Jacob Wirth, but I was glad I did. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere with over 40 beers on tap – many of which I had never heard of before, which only adds to the fun. And sometimes you just want pretzels with mustard and bratwurst. I also liked the potato salad; it wasn’t mayo based as per usual, but rather vinegar, I think, and much more flavorful. The decor stays true to a German beer hall, with a long main room lined with wood. The prices are great and the atmosphere is casual with memorabilia over the walls. With it’s proximity to so many venues, it would be a good restaurant to start off an evening.

And, try and time your visit with a live piano karaoke session.