Last night, I hit a spot on my May wish list – Doretta Taverna. I didn’t realize, but this restaurant is only six months old. I think they’ll soon become a staple of the Boston food scene because they are definitely doing something right.

The restaurant is in a great location, and they also have a ton of outdoor seating space for the when the weather gets warmer. A huge bar in the center of place, and I think they’re going to start doing drunk brunch, which would be lovely.

On to the food. Everything we got was delicious, really. We ordered the village salad, octopus, crunchy eggplant, roasted cauliflower, and spinach pie. We opted to share small plates rather than go for the entrees, but their seafood seemed A+. You can literally go look at their raw bar, and pick out what you want. Awesome.


My favorite eats were the eggplant and literally the feta from the salad. The eggplant was cut into slices, breaded, but perfectly crispy on the outside yet still chewy on the inside. And topped with really flavorful accouterments, like pistachios, tomato + harissa compote, and yogurt. Now, the feta. I normally love feta in the first place, but I’ve become used to a tangy feta that is crumbly but not creamy. Sort of dry. But this, my friends, is strong but creamy, and basically just melts in your mouth while oozing flavor. Mmmm. It was so good that we asked our waiter about it, and he said that the staff tried dozens of options to pick the ultimate winner. I fully support their decision.

There were so many more dishes on the menu I wanted to try. Roasted sunchokes?! There’s also an option deemed ‘let us cook for you’ for $75 that is VERY tempting – eating a la my big fat Greek family dinner.