This past weekend, I was in New York visiting family and friends. Of course I love being in New York. Of course I want to move there. And of course, half the fun of being in New York is eating, obviously.

I actually made some plans in advance for dinner on Friday night. This was great, because I was able to make a reservation! I stumbled on Edi and the Wolf, purely through browsing NYC restaurants on OpenTable. Love it when that works out. Edi and the Wolf was in the perfect area for our plans later that night, the menu looked delicious, and the vibe seemed chill.

First thing, there is no sign on the entrance. Oooo, mystique. It’s just foliage. A very lush entrance. The inside is rustic, with wood and metal detailing. We sat in the back room, which was nice, and also lush. Seriously, foliage everywhere. We are talking some fresh air for your breathing pleasure. We didn’t order any apps unfortunately, but I was very tempted to try the pickled vegetables and pumpkin seed spread. I ordered the spätzle, with peas, greens, mushrooms, and fried onions on top. It was creamy and delicious. My friend ordered the ravioli, which was with asparagus, and also good.

My drink, the Alpine Mule, was refreshing. Lime + Ginger, great combo. I would definitely eat here again, but with so many fantastic places nearby, not sure Edi and the Wolf would win the battle over trying somewhere new.