I have always loved Asian cuisine, probably due to the fact that there is so much and it’s so good in San Francisco. It’s comforting. Not to mention delicious. I also find that I love the Chinatowns, Japantowns, Koreatowns, etc of the world. New York is no exception. I love eating in Chinatown, although I have to admit it’s taking over Little Italy. Yikes.

Walking around, maybe buying some buns for a pre- or post-meal snack… or boba. Or Thai ice cream rolls. Settling on a restaurant after passing by four or six others that just weren’t right for some reason.

We chose to eat at Shanghai Asian Manor on Saturday night. To my surprise when we walked in, I realized I’d eaten there before, and fortunately, enjoyed it very much. This time, we ordered scallion pancakes, xiao long bao, shrimp + watercress dumplings, and a watercress + enoki mushroom dish. YUM. I enjoyed it all. Honestly, sometimes scallion pancakes are  a let down. They’re stiff or too greasy, but these were flaky and chewy. Perfect. The soup dumplings were also fantastic. Such flavor. I wanted to try more dumplings, but since there was only two of us, we didn’t have the stomach for it. Next time.

Shanghai Asian Manor is a great place to go in Chinatown. But it’s no secret. You can definitely expect to wait, hopefully only for about thirty minutes.