The other night, I had dinner at Estragon, marking another restaurant off my May wish list. I loved this spot. The decor is refreshingly not modern, or wood, or metal. A black and white checker floor, combined with patterned drapes hung about, a wood bar, and Victorian-style table tops make it comfortable and more old school. There are also lounge areas in the front and back of the restaurant full of plush velvet sofas that look absolutely perfect for drinks and some light snacks.

The menu is more extensive than some of the other tapas restaurants I have been to. I will say though, my intel about Estragon was that it was great quality and cheaper than typical tapas in Boston. I don’t think this is true; if anything, it’s on the pricier side. Just an FYI.

We ordered the assortment of cheeses, roasted leeks, vegetable empanadas, calamari, and crispy artichoke hearts, as seen above. The artichoke hearts were fantastic. On the salty side, but so so good. The leeks were also very good – and huge! Full, long, hearty leeks with a yum sauce on top. And, obvs, I liked the cheeses we tried. Who doesn’t like cheese?! The empanadas left a bit to be desired, but I did like them and of course ate every last crumb.


There were so many more dishes on the menu I wanted to try. I’ve also heard their paella is delicious but since we were only a party of two, we didn’t order it. I really enjoyed the vibe of Estragon, and would gladly go back!