I was so happy when Tatte’s Brookline location reopened. It was sorely missed over here, with nowhere else providing such good culinary eats and delectable sweets. Shakshuka withdrawal. Nut box withdrawal.

Not to mention, they have so much outdoor seating. Of course Tatte is delicious in any season, but sitting outside, with your coffee, pastry, and humongous salad [see above] is truly paramount. Doesn’t it look amazing?? The seasoned crispy croutons, refreshing mint, creamy feta, and veggies mixed in with the crunch of sunflower seeds. YUM. Pair it with a chocolate rose pastry, or maybe a fruit tart. And take some mixed nut boxes home for later.


Other items that you should also definitely order include: the roasted cauliflower sandwich, sabich sandwich, meatball sandwich, and crunchy haloumi salad. But I’m pretty sure anything you order will be just right.