Coppa is one of those restaurants that you always hear about, or at least it feels like I’m always hearing about it. Maybe it’s because the two chefs are James Beard award-winning. Or maybe it’s because it’s one of the only places serving Italian in tapas fashion. I donno, but Coppa gives the people what they want.

The place is small, but not in a bad way. In a neighborhood-y way; you’ll definitely be up close with some other diners. But, the smallish tables are perfect for sharing. We decided to start with an assortment of three cheeses, chosen by what our waitress recommended. Great start. Although, since I was tempted by the pizza, I wish we had started with some of the other small plates. The Cipolla pizza [above] was very good, but next time, I am definitely going to order a few of the small plates/apps instead. I regret not trying the burrata, roasted carrot hummus, asparagus, arancini, and marinated mushrooms. Those dishes are basically haunting me. They would provide not just a broader range of flavors but also style.


So, in short: I thoroughly enjoyed my first meal, but it left a little something to be desired [my fault]. I will be returning for round two, and looking forward to it.