Last Tuesday, I went to Taste of the Nation. This is an amazing traveling event, supporting No Kid Hungry. Basically every restaurant I have ever wanted to try had a booth. I think I ate at least twenty different morsels over the course of two hours. The complete list can be found here, but I was especially excited about Alden & Harlow, Tiger Mama, Bastille Kitchen, Oleana, Puritan & Co, Sweet Cheeks, Craigie on Main…. Not kidding, I submitted eight emails to Craigie on Main’s raffle for a free dinner.

I loved the atmosphere. Live band, cocktails abound, a photo booth, and a glass of prosecco to welcome you. The drink tastings were well dispersed, with ample space around the room to stop and nosh. My favorites were the snap pea salad from Myers + Chang, of course the grilled cheese from Roxy’s, and the fresh salad from Night Market. There were so many other dishes I absolutely loved, but honestly I ate them too fast before I could even document them.

My friend’s favorites were: the reuben from The Smoke Shop, the steak and asparagus from Bondir, and the lamb gnocchi bolognese from Capo.

I have to admit, there were a few places that I was really looking forward to, that didn’t deliver. A big one was Bar Boulud. They served a cold split pea soup with smoked salmon and ginger. Interesting concept, but didn’t do it for me. Also, I think eight places served blue fish pate or blue fish crudo. What? At first when it was offered, it seemed intriguing, and I was happy to try it. However, after the third or fourth time, I was honestly so sick of it so I just had to pass it up.

Overall, such a great event. I look forward to attending again next year!