Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to afternoon tea at The Langham. While in the midst of planning this, I was surprised to find that there aren’t really any tea parlors in Boston. As in, a non-hotel, single-purpose tea parlor. Not as stuffy and bougie as high tea at a hotel, more homey. If anyone is looking for a new business venture… I think this would be a big hit in Boston.

Anyway, I loved my experience at The Langham. Absolutely loved it. Of course, incredibly attentive service and great tea options. I went for one of the in-house blends, a white tea. The service is four courses, including a starter, the classic sandwiches, scones, and dessert. I asked our server if I could have the vegetarian option for my courses, as I saw that two of the sandwiches listed were veg [egg salad + cucumber cream cheese]. I expected to simply receive double the veg options and ixnay the meat, but instead I received an entirely different selection of noshes. First was a cheese plate with swiss, goat, and cheddar cheeses paired with rhubarb jam. The meat option for this was a prawn. Then, my savory plate contained cucumber, white bean + artichoke, and guacamole sandwiches, as well as a seasoned tomato skewer. All delicious.

Then for dessert. The scones arrived with lemon curd, jam, and clotted cream, obvs. Predictably, this was delicious. Who doesn’t love scones and cream and jam? The desserts were also delicious, and beautiful as well. There was a chocolate mousse cake, a strawberry profiterole, a lemon + blueberry tartlette, and a basil + chocolate truffle. Mmmm.

The setting was serene, with a pianist playing in the background. Luxurious chairs. Elegant decor. I would love to return, and hopefully I do soon. And, I have to note, at $45, this tea is very well priced.