I finally tried Committee last week. I know it hasn’t been around too long, but ever since it arrived… I’ve been wanting to go. They’ve got a great space – very cool interior, and now that the weather permits, a decent amount of space outside.

I went with a larger group, which was perfect because we could try a bunch of dishes. We ordered the avocado hummus, dolmades, octopus, eggplant + feta, eggplant + meat, olives, haloumi, zucchini crisps, and watermelon + feta salad. YUM. I loved the Gemisti Melitzana, thin roasted eggplant basically stuffed with tomato and feta, and topped with fried onions. And honestly the pita and tsatziki that is served when you sit down is delicious too. The zucchini crisps were also super good.


I thought the haloumi could have been better. I mean, I love cheese in any way, shape, or form so I was excited for this dish. But mehhhh I wouldn’t order it again. And the watermelon + feta salad was good, but also sort of under the radar.

My drink was very fun. A classic G + T, but with a watermelon popsicle. Ohh summer. Sort of reminded me of Loopy Doopy in NYC, but I think I liked this better. Hard liquor, and a seriously fresh, flavorful popsicle. Definitely recommend. I tried a couple of their other drinks which were A+ as well.