Everywhere I look, seemingly any new restaurant I want to try, the food I’m always in the mood for… Greek eats. Greek food is all. over. Boston. And it’s allso. good.

No, seriously. Within the last year, Greek restaurants have been popping up all over the city. And I’m not really the only one to notice this. No surprise that I’m late to the party, but a couple of months ago the Boston Globe came out with an article that sums it all up pretty well. I find it funny because I’ve been to almost every Greek restaurant that’s mentioned in the article. What can I say, just getting in touch with my roots, no? Polite is of Greek descent, btw.

And, really, these restaurants are some of the hottest in the city. Pelekasis at Wink & Nod, which actually is ending in June, so move fast! Committee, Kava Neo-Taverna [review coming soon! No shocker here, it was fantastic] … and I can’t stop literally gushing to people about Doretta Taverna. I even got my coworker a gift card there. My favorite takeaway lunch spot? Cafe Med. Delicious, homemade, quality fast food in the heart of Back Bay. Yeah it’s hard not to go everyday. Sometimes I do. Whatever.

If you haven’t experienced this Greek invasion, do yourself a favor and get in on it. You will have no regrets and happy taste buds.