So, the MET Back Bay. Classic. Everyone you know has instagrammed a photo of their custom-crafted bloody mary. Cheeseburgers, lobster tails, big fat prawns, shooting sticks of celery; the drink is practically a meal in itself. Obviously not really, because how can you turn down food at brunch? It’s the best meal of the day.

But, I decided to make a reservation here and finally see what all the fuss is about. I ran the BAA 10k earlier this morning, and was extremely looking forward to guzzling food + drink afterwards. Particularly, guzzling my meal of a drink. We arrive, everything is going great, then we realize it’s been about 15 minutes and we have not been served anything, like not even water. I am parched after having ran over six miles, and was reeeeeallly in need of some thirst quenching. Ok, fine, brunch is a busy time, whatevs. We get some water a few minutes later. We order food, and bloodies, everything seems to be back on track. One hour later… our drinks arrive. One hour? Nothing at all since our initial water, and the place really isn’t that busy. I had heard about the reviews on Yelp that talk about the incredibly long waits for service, etc, but chose to ignore them. Wrong choice.

The bloodies come, and they are good. I really liked mine. And I love that they are customizable, with just the amount of kick and pazzazz and green olives. Our food follows shortly after, and I liked the dishes. We ordered the spring bruschetta to start, which I thought was really good. I would definitely order that again. I also tried the Tokyo falafel burger. Great combo of spices/toppings for the burger. Fries, as always, good. A couple of people I was with ordered salads, and they were just meh. Not recommended.

We finished our food, and of course, sat around for another 30 minutes or so waiting for our plates to be cleared and to get the check, so finally we asked for it. Luckily, I had great company for this meal, but god forbid you go here on a date or with a group of people you don’t know so well [i.e. coworkers]. In total, our meal was over 2.5 hours. Just sayin, pick your company wisely.

TL;DR: be prepared to wait. The bloody might be worth the wait. But don’t order the salads.