This new spot in the South End deserves all the hype it’s received. It’s been open for a little more than a month, but already has a steady line at all hours. And they don’t take reservations, FYI.

I went here right after work one day, and we were seated no problem. They have a ton of great wine options, if you’re in the mood, and a decent amount of outdoor seating. #summer. It’s a great spot for people watching as well, with the Buttery on the opposite corner + general South End home envy-inspiring buildings all around.

My faaaaaavorite dish that we ordered was the zucchini chips. I know, seems so simple, right? Sorta right, sorta wrong. A lot of places serve zucchini chips. For example, I also ordered them at Committee. But these for some reason are somethin special. They’re like fried zucchini pillows. And, I think what really made the dish, was the tzatziki dipping sauce. It’s thick, and SO flavorful. Spicy with a bite, but also creamy. I don’t know what magic they put in it, but I ate it with a spoon after I finished the chips. So.

We also ordered the lamb meatballs, imam, and summer beans with tomato. The imam takes a little longer to cook, but it is very good. I equated it to a tomato ratatouille almost, but baked and focused on eggplant. If that makes any sense. I also really liked the beans.

There were so many more dishes on the menu that I wanted to try, of course. Greek fries, calamari, Greek cheese plate, spanakopita, horiatiki salad, moussaka… I can’t wait to go back.

Tip: this place is definitely better with a small group, max four people I’d say. Most of the tables are two-seaters.