Vegetarians. They’re everywhere. And their hardcore cousins, vegans, who used to only show up at bluegrass shows and talk about their life on the commune in Vermont are coming to more family gatherings too.

This meat-shunning phenomena is growing. Some might try and say it’s simply unAmerican to not suck down hot dogs + burgers, or go ham on some baby back ribs but I disagree. There are several reasons people choose to be herbivores; ya know, saving animals is a worthy cause. But for me, it’s an environmental issue. Somewhere between 15-18% of all greenhouse gas emissions are from the meat industry. Yiiikes. To put that in perspective, global emissions from transportation are 14%.

ANYWAY, Boston has a great selection of places to celebrate meatless Monday, or tofu Tuesday, or watercress Wednesday [jk]. Here are some of my faves:


  • Veggie Galaxy – awesome diner for vegetarians and vegans. True diner food, plus so many other options. You can’t go wrong. This is a good spot for omnivores or dare I say carnivores too.
  • Life Alive – vegan, natural, whole foods. Grain bowls, spirulina, nutritional yeast. Green goddess dressing. That kinda thing. Absolutely delicious, but more on the hippie side.
  • Oleana/Sarma – fantastic restaurants. Garnering national praise, and I swear I see Sarma written up like once a week. They have veg and non veg food, but a huuuge portion of the menu is veg. And Oleana has a vegetable tasting menu. These are just great places to eat in general, which I think just about anyone could agree on.
  • Patty Chen’s Dumpling House – I love dumplings, like in the worst way. And sadly, veggie dumps are usually not good or not even available. Patty Chen’s has multiple vegan dumpling options, not to mention a VEGAN RAMEN. That’s reaaaally unheard of. And their dumplings are so good. I would eat here all the time if I could.


  • Grasshopper – entirely vegan Chinese restaurant. The menu is HUGE and has all the classics, but vegan-ized. The Boston Vegetarian Society also uses this place for almost all their speakers, with a buffet afterwards.
  • Whole Heart Provisions – a semi new spot that’s already making serious waves. You can read my gushing review here. They also just won best vegetarian restaurants for Best of Boston 2016. You will not regret eating here. They also deliver.
  • Fomu – vegan ice cream. Easily the best vegan ice cream you will ever eat. Maybe even the best ice cream you’ll ever eat in general. It’s that good. There are now two locations, one in Allston and one in the South End. Their flavors are just so good and they also sell vegan baked goods. So for example you could get a vegan brownie sundae.

Juice Bars

  • Cold Press – classic juice bar and salad place in Brookline. It’s also kosher. Delicious salad mixes, with the option to make your own salad as well, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, juices, bowls. Fresh veg eating.
  • Jugos – probably the most famous juice place? Right next to Back Bay station, it’s super convenient for those of us who work near there. The menu is fully loaded for such a small place. Great yogurt parfaits [the Rockaway bowl omggggg], tons of acai + pitaya bowl options, avo toasts, smoothies + juices up the wazoo, and quinoa, oats, etc if you’re feeling that. They also sell cleanses.
  • Here’s a roundup of juice places, written about a year ago, if you wanna see what else is around town


  • Walnut Grille in Newton Highlands
  • Red Lentil in Watertown
  • My Thai Vegan Cafe in Chinatown
  • Lucy Ethiopian Cafe in the South End – this place isn’t just vegan food, but has a ton of vegan options. Same with Addis Red Sea in the South End.
  • True Bistro in Somerville
  • Trident Booksellers & Cafe on Newbury St by Hynes T Stop. This place gets honorable mention because it’s just such a cool spot. Definitely not a vegan/veg-only menu, but there are a lot of veg options [tofu scramble, veg bowls]. Perfect for brunch, also great for dinner. I LOVE the lemon ricotta challah french toast with bluberry compote. It’s honestly the best thing. They also sell beer + wine, which is fun if you attend their trivia on Friday nights at 8:30pm. They write their own questions!! And, of course, they have a great selection of books and other knickknacks as well.


What are your favorite veg places in Boston?