So, have I been living under a rock or is a Korean-Mexican restaurant a whole new level of fusion? These cuisines are basically on opposite ends of the spectrum, and that’s why this combo is SO GOOD. Opposites attract, everyone knows that.

Very recently, two Korean-Mexican fusion places have opened up in Allston: Coreanos and OliToki. As I’ve previously mentioned, Korean cuisine is one of my faves. And of course I love Mexican food because like come on. I’m planning on trying both of these places, but Coreanos was my first stop.

I honestly had trouble choosing what to order. I went for the kimchi + fried tofu tacos and the kimchi fritas, pictured below. It was great. And both dishes were fully loaded. The tacos are stuffed with soy ginger slaw, and a ton of sauces. The fritas… These were delicious. This probably goes back to my love of poutine, and this is basically Korean poutine, but the fries really soaked up the flavorful sauces + kimchi, and the melted cheese on top held it all together perfectly. Fried egg on top to seal it off.


I still want to try the tteokbokki. I was this close to ordering it, but jumped ship at the last minute for the tacos. Also the kimchi quesadilla. Drool.