Myers + Chang is that restaurant everyone has heard of, everyone is planning on going to, or everyone will tell you how good it is. I mean really, anything Joanne Chang is involved with is something worth going to or eating at or learning about. Her accomplishments are numerous – I mean even with all food and delicious pastries aside, she runs the Boston Marathon!? C’mon.

Described as Chinese tapas, we decided to order a bunch of dishes to get a good taste of the place, and honestly it was too hard to decide on only a couple because everything sounded so good. Of course, there are still dishes I want to try, but we decided on the snap pea green goddess salad, the edamame + wasabi + greens dumplings, the scallion pancake, the smoked mushroom lo mein, and the spicy pork sausage rice cakes. YUM.

The dumplings were cooked perfectly, as you can see below. Nice and pan seared, with thin skin. And the scallion pancakes use focaccia dough, which is what makes them untraditional. So fluffy and chewy but crispy which is exactly how I want my scallion pancakes to be. Also the vinegar dipping sauce was really good and tangy. The green goddess snap peas were crisp, fresh – very summer, but for some reason, I wasn’t a huge fan of that dish. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t think I would order again. I can’t really put my finger on what was off about it, though.

The lo mein and rice cake dishes were off the chart delicious. I really could have eaten these all day. Both had tons of grilled cabbage and bok choy, and the lo mein also included water chestnut which I love and serious mushrooms, which I also love. The spicy pork rice cakes packed a punch, and this dish had more flavor in my opinion. V spicy though, as forewarning. And it only has **, not ***!