If you follow me on Instagram, you can see how often I eat at Tatte in Brookline. I mean it’s so good I’m not even gonna make up some excuse for why I am always there. But, while there, I always see Taberna de Haro next door. Outdoor seating, usually full of people, tapas [another fave for me] – my interest was piqued.

When looking at the menu online, there were a lot of dishes that jumped out to me as sounding good. And the menu is extensive! As is the wine menu.

We ordered a variety of dishes: mushrooms, arthichoke hearts, arugula salad, goat cheese + tomato crostini, sauteed eggplant, and a cheese plate. My favorite dish was the eggplant, which was somewhat like a ratatouille, but with egg and some cream. So a sauteed, rich vegetable medley, with good flavor. This was hands down the best dish. The mushrooms and artichoke hearts get honorable mention.

The rest? Rather eh. I unfortunately have to admit that I would not recommend this restaurant to someone. The portions were pretty small save for the eggplant dish, and the plates themselves just weren’t that good. It was all a bit off. The cheese plate, for example, had five bites of cheese – not shareable sizes really – and no one explained to us what the cheeses were. Where is it from? What kind of cheese it? Who knows. The arugula salad was kinda bland and had scattered chunks of salmon on it, which was not mentioned on the menu. Surprise! Just something to keep you vegetarians on your toes!

Anyway, not a horrible meal by any means – and the restaurant does have ton of great wine options. So maybe this place is more for grabbing a glass of wine before heading across the street to Gyu-Kaku.