I live in Brookline Village, and a few months after I moved here, I sorta felt like I knew the lay of the land and had tried all the restaurants it had to offer. But over the last year, some new places have quietly popped up: The Middle Gray, an expanded Cutty’s [this doesn’t really count as new.. but.. whatever], and Wu Er.

I honestly did not know Wu Er [by WOW BBQ] existed until I saw it Instagrammed by Boston Foodies. The spot used to be a sushi place, and was then under renovations for a while, and even now I have to admit there isn’t really a sign announcing Wu Er – you could walk right past it. But don’t!

Wu Er is the second brick-and-mortar restaurant of WOW BBQ, which started as a food truck. This location offers much more than BBQ however, like huge seafood platters for two, with options of a whole grilled fish, chili crab, and lobster. These massive dishes come with three sides, like shiitake mushrooms, lotus root, or tofu.

We decided to go with skewers and tapas. We ordered the mushroom risotto, liang pi noodles, and four kinds of skewers: cauliflower, chicken, beef, and tofu wraps. My fave was hands down the mushroom risotto. Wow. There were mushrooms in the dish itself, of course, but then also what I’m guessing were fried mushroom flakes on top, adding a great crunch. And the risotto itself was cooked perfectly. The liang pi noodles were also delicious! Tons of julienned veggies, wide noodles, and some seitan thrown in. They had a thicker sauce with a consistency/thickness of peanut sauce, but with quite the kick. I had to eat this dish in waves because it was so spicy. The skewers were really fun to order, and perfect for sharing. The wraps had an interesting consistency, for lack of a better word; the tofu is super firm and chewy, almost as if it had been hardened and pounded flat. Inside are chives and enoki mushrooms. The sauce on the wraps was salty, tangy, BBQ-esque. I did like these skewers, and would def order again, but they might not be for everyone.

Honorable mention: they serve fried dough buns with condensed milk drizzled on top as a starter. Yummmmm.

I loved my meal at Wu Er, and I am even more excited that it’s in Brookline Village. I was really lacking a go-to place around the corner, and this will definitely be it.