I confess, I don’t spend much time in Southie. It’s kinda far out of the way, unless you live there of course, in which case it’s super conveniently located if anyone asks. But recently, as more and more yuppies/yuccies/millennials move there [read: gentrification], more and more foodie restaurants are popping up to cater to our love of brunch and all things food.

For example: Lincoln, Loco, and Capo. All on the same block, owned by the same people. All have opened somewhat recently, most recently Capo in February. All have been smashing successes. The people need their booze and food, ok!?

I went to Capo last Friday for a celebratory dinner. First off, I love the interior. I didn’t realize how huge it would be, but I guess it was a Dollar City. I love the stone, the wood, the chairs, the lighting, the curtains. With the high ceilings, it is a bit loud, but oh well.


We ordered a ton, because we had seven people in our party. One of my favorite things about dining out with a large group is that you can try everything you want on the menu for relatively cheap. We tried the: lobster fritters, potato croquettes, small salumi & formaggi plate, burrata, roasted beets, meatballs, rigatoni bolognese, sweet corn ravioli, malfalde, and zucca pizza. Wow that was a long sentence. And of course, drinks to help us wash it down. I really liked the il paesano.

So, out of allllll the food we ordered, my tops were the pizza, beets, burrata, and ravioli. The pizza dough was perfectly chewy and doughy. I’d eat that dough with any toppings or just plain, tbh. I am usually not the biggest fan of beets, but these were roasted enough to be soft, not crunchy, and were actually salty enough to balance out the sweetness. The burrata – I mean I love cheese in general, and the accouterments that came with this dish were classic but great. Burrata + tomato + bread = wonderful. Lastly, the sweet corn rav. I think corn is delicious, and therefore I also think that we should use more of it on the reg. Corn on pizza, corn in salads, corn chowder, corn in pasta.. you get the idea. This dish did not disappoint.

Honorable mention: the meat and cheese plate. Would def order this again.