As I’ve previously mentioned, I love dim sum. But I really need to start brunching in Chinatown more often so I can officially declare my personal favorite spot. How have I been living here for over a year and NOT yet tried every option?! I’m having an identity crisis.

Last Sunday, I at least kicked off what will become my Boston dim sum tour. We tried to go to Winsor, but the wait was thirty minutes and I just could not swing it because I was starving. So we walked over to Chau Chow City which never seems to have a line. Some might take this as a bad sign… but as I said, starving. So.


I have to say, I really liked all our dishes. I know Chau Chow mostly has the rep for drunk, late night eats, but I would wholeheartedly recommend it for sober consumption. We ordered A LOT, as you can see, and I was sooooo pleased. Har gow, har cheong fun, taro cake, shrimp rolls, fried tofu, chau siu bao, dumplings similar to shumai but with more veggies, and custard buns to top it all off.

My favorites were probably the shrimp rolls and shumai-esque dumplings, both pictured directly above. The shrimp rolls had celery in them, which added such a good crunch. I also really liked the taro cake. I would maybe order the tofu again, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. The har gow was good but I think I prefer shrimp dumplings with either chive or spinach as opposed to just shrimp, but that’s just me, not the fault of the har gow. And my faaaave, custard buns [or egg yolk buns], were absolutely delicious. I mean c’mon – how do you not love those. I could probably eat plates of them.

Also, Chau Chow is more traditional in the sense that they use carts. I think the jury’s out on what’s preferred, using the pencil + sheet to order or picking from the cart, but in this case, since I was in need of immediate food, the carts were wonderful. Delicious buns at your table in literal seconds. And the service is very attentive! Sauces, tea and water refills,  and multiple carts to choose from. Chau Chow gets the stamp of approval in my book.

Next up on the dim sum tour: Winsor, Hei La Moon, Bubor Cha Cha, Empire Garden, China Pearl …