I’d always heard about Masa as a great place for brunch – $9.95 for a two course brunch? In the South End? And huevos rancheros is on the menu!? Say. no. more.

I sort of stumbled on it for Restaurant Week when perusing the options in the area. While I really wasn’t as familiar with their dinner offerings, I figured now would be the best time to try it. But I still have every intention of going back for brunch.

I thought their offerings for Restaurant Week were good – something for everyone, interesting choices, and decent portions. And bonus points for being veg friendly! I ordered the gazpacho, eggplant steak, and caramelized banana bread pudding. The gazpacho was delicious, easily my favorite part of the meal. It was spicy, chipotle-y, and the corn salsa dolloped in the middle added the perfect crunch. Would def recommend this. I was less fond of the eggplant steak, pictured above on the right. It really does look like a steak though, both sides seared with the cashew crust. So props for that. But I found that the eggplant wasn’t very flavorful, and maybe it’s because I’m not the biggest fan of eggplant in the first place, but I just was not into it. Super seedy, and kinda mushy. Meh, ya know. The goat cheese on top though was yum. My friend ordered the brick chicken, and said it was pretty good, and from what I could see, it looked great. Crispy skin, moist, and paired well with the risotto. Now, the desserts were both fantastic. I swear the churro was like a sugar dusted fried cloud. If you can picture that. Melt in your mouth. And the bread pudding was definitely DENSE but delish.


TL;DR: pretty happy with the Restaurant Week offerings. Although I think the main dishes are better for omnivores than vegetarians – I bet the roasted salmon would be gooood. And you would be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t get the churro.

They also offer a wine or tequila pairing for only $15 extra!