Another Wink & Nod review? What?

I know, I know. But this place is so great. Like so great that I suggest it all the time to people looking for a drink, a delicious meal, a fun night. The service is always exceptional, the drinks are inventive and fantastic, and the food. The food.

Right now, the chef is Gita Kantrow, and she’s offering a delectable Nepali menu with Western influences. She came out at the end of our meal to serve my friend her birthday dessert [did I mention it’s a great spot to celebrate?] which is like kinda unheard of in the first place, and then proceeded to ask us how we enjoyed our food etc etc and for any feedback. Huge marks in my book for this level of service and care.

We ordered the puri, paneer with chana chaat, masala fries, and garlic cheese naan. My favorites were probably the paneer and masala fries, pictured above. The chana chaat that was sprinkled on top of the paneer was super fresh, crunchy, and packed a punch of flavor, which went great with the cheese. The masala fries were dusted with A+ seasoning, and paired super well with the mozzarella, obvs. Also there was a cilantro sauce that was in a few of the dishes and it was soo good. Dip the fries in it, the paneer in it, the dumplings in it, the naan in it… I mean if you lick it off the plate I won’t judge.


Also, since it is Wink & Nod, the drinks don’t take a backseat to the food. We tried the Carnaval, Audrey, and the Nicole. Beautifully presented, as you can see. And keep your eye out for the drink specials as well.

I highly recommend trying Gita’s menu. It will be here through December!