Oh, man. It’s Labor Day weekend. Half of you are crying, half of you are sooo ready to wear pants and boots. Personally, I love fall but I really hate what it signals: winter is coming. I’m not quite ready for that. So with this wish list, I’m holding on to the last bits of Boston summertime.

One of my favorite parts of summer on the east coast is how warm the evenings are. In the Bay Area, the sun during the day might be hot, but once it goes down it’s usually in the low 60s [or worse] because the air isn’t humid or retaining any of the day’s heat. Sort of a buzzkill. Stepping outside at 9pm at night and feeling perfectly comfortable in a dress or shorts is glorious. The nights have so much possibility when the weather is basically encouraging you to be outside.

These restaurants on my September list allow you to take full advantage of those warm nights:

  • Oleana – yes, this is still on the list because somehow I still haven’t eaten here. And they happen to have a lovely outdoor space as an added bonus.
  • Deep Ellum – an Allston paradise, for food and ambiance.
  • B & G Oysters – summer dining = oysters after work with a glass of wine. Their patio has those string lights dangling above that make you instantly content. And the South End is perfect for an after dinner stroll.
  • ArtBar – Fire. Pit. Riverside. Terrace. That has a special menu which includes chilaquiles and obvs s’mores. The rest of their outdoor seating area is wonderful as well, with serious views considering they’re located right on the Charles.


Now, just in case for some strange reason you have no interest in ever being outside when the weather is perfect, these are some places with great eats that I’ve been dying to try:

  • Brassica Kitchen – six course tasting menu [marked with Pescatarian, Vegetarian, or Omnivore] or a la carte. Seaweed tagliatelle sounds so good.
  • Little Donkey – newly opened, already everyone’s favorite spot, and I mean.. it’s from the duo behind Toro and Coppa, so who’s surprised! Their dishes are probably some of the most creative, fusion-inspired in all of Boston. For example, Vietnamese Bologna, Matzo Ball Ramen [!!], and a burger with onion soup mayo + buffalo pickles + foie gras. And their brunch is just as, if not even more, enticing.
  • Tapestry – Expo Kitchen vs. Club Room ?!