If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know that I absolutely love Korean food. And I live so close to the epicenter of Korean cuisine, Allston, which is great. But last Friday, I ventured to Davis Square to finally try Meju.

Davis Square is chock full of amazing eats. It’s almost a perfect foodie landscape with the incredible variety of cuisines. But that’s why I’ve always seen Meju, but never been, because I was on my way to some other delicious culinary destination.


We ordered the kimchi pancake, lotus root chips, spicy rice cakes, and tofu bibimbap with purple rice in a hot stone pot.  I always go for hot bibimbap to get the crunchy rice on the bottom. I really liked the bibimbap – would definitely get that again! And I also liked the spicy rice cakes [tteokbokki] and kimchi pancake, of course. I found the rice cakes were less sweet than the typical dish normally is, which I prefer. I’m not really into savory foods that have sweet flavors. And the kimchi pancake was chock full of kimchi instead of mostly pancake with some kimchi tossed in. I would pass on ordering the lotus chips again. They weren’t bad, but I didn’t think the chips were flavorful or really added anything. The dipping sauce was delish however.

The menu is extensive! Next time, I want to try the mushroom buns and stir fried handmade noodles. Also, Meju has an extensive drink menu. Super creative concoctions and of course soju. If you arrive on the early side, you can get away without a reservation but the place fills up as the night goes on with quite the line.