I went to Cuchi Cuchi to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and what a perfect place to do so! This longtime Central Square spot was wonderful in all regards – fun, funky, boudoir vibes, a seriously extensive cocktail list, and a variety of good eats. And, to top it off, we sat at the shimmering LED table. Yes, the table has multicolor LED lights under the glass that are twinkling all night and you can and should request to sit there.

To be fair, there were a lot of us, but oh my god we ordered so much food. It’s small plates, right? So we ordered like fifteen of them, thinking, they were small plates. Some were small, but some… not so small. So take this as a PSA that you should order less plates than you’d think you need!

We tried the: marinated mushrooms, veggie skewers, Asian salad, Thai mussels, eggplant Napoleon, brie en croûte, potato croquettes, mushroom risotto, carbonara, scallop ceviche, Moroccan chicken tangine, beef stroganoff, and a couple orders of focaccia. And finished off the meal with the French banana bread extravaganza. Yep, I think we ordered over half the menu. And yep, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

The faves of the table were the mussels, the croquettes, the Asian salad, brie, carbonara, and ceviche. The carbonara was sooo creamy and rich, super good but very filling. The risotto was quite filling as well, drizzled with truffle oil. Along that same thread, the brie was a much larger dish than I was expecting. No complaints, because who doesn’t like brie, but FYI they’re not messing around. I thought the mushrooms were too vinegary, and the stroganoff wasn’t a hit either. I personally was not a fan of the eggplant, but I’m coming to realize that I never really like an eggplant dish unless it’s breaded, fried, and doused in cheese à la eggplant parm.

And we haven’t even scratched the surface on the drinks, which themselves take up multiple pages of the menu. There are such creative options, accompanied by creative names, such as the EarthAngelBeMine or VoodoYouDo. I definitely recommend coming here if you plan to imbibe, because the cocktails are as delicious as the food.

TL; DR: the small plates are not so small and you can try dishes from around the world while drinking whimsically fantastic cocktails. I think this place would be a perrrfect choice for a first or second date.