Tucked away in the basement of a building in Harvard Square is the v cool Night Market. With walls covered in art/graffiti, sake slushies, and a mantra of ‘eat well drink often stay happy’, the vibe is upbeat chill + fun. Even the food is fun, as you’ll pick up from a quick read of the menu.

They don’t take reservations, so we had to wait for about 20-30 mins for a table, boo. However, people came in with reservations. So we’re either just really out of the loop or they’re special or something. Anyway, we were ravenous and of course overordered. Can you tell that’s a common theme at my meals?

We got the lick ’em stick, chips & dip, tea egg, kaiju style daikon fries, smoked tofu, bok choy, chicken and mushroom wontons, dan dan noodles, brussel sprouts, salt cod fried rice, and a couple skewers. That’s a mouthful.

I really liked the lick ’em stick, bok choy, tea egg, fried rice, and daikon fries. You’re probably thinking what on earth is lick ’em stick. Well, it’s this fun and delicious app – you get six rice balls accompanied with spicy mayo [actually called sambal aioli] to dip the rice in and then a crunchy garlic spicy mixture to sprinkle on top. I could have eaten the crunchy topping plain, it was sooo good and just had all the right flavors. Such a simple dish, but really quite good. We ordered daikon fry poutine basically, but I do sort of wish we went for the regular order of daikon fries, which comes with a bunch of dipping sauces. Kaiju style was way way way too salty, which we also found to be true of several of the dishes. I could only eat a little of the bok choy and brussels at a time because they were honestly so salty my mouth was in desperate need of water.

The dishes that didn’t really do it for me were the chips and the smoked tofu. The dip for the wonton chips is chopped up sweet and sour mushrooms. I never really care for sweet n sour things, and this was no exception. And the smoked tofu had a strange flavor to it. I’ve had smoked cheeses and other non-fish smoked items that tasted great. But this smoked tofu really tasted like smoked fish. I couldn’t shake it and so I wasn’t feeling it. But I did like the pickled fiddleheads that were thrown in mmm.

I absolutely loved the drink I ordered: the matcha green tea-ni. All their cocktails are made with sake. I’d never tried sake cocktails before, just sake straight up, but all the drinks we ordered were delish.

There are a few more dishes I’d like to try, such as the night market nosh, sugar snap peas, and korean rice cakes. And I need to try the slushie flight once their fall flavors come online. Looking forward to eating here again!