Yeah, we know we know, there’s an election coming up. We’ve been hearing about November 2016 for what feels like forever.

So, even more the reason that you should be registered to vote, right?

More and more states have been trying to make it easier for us millennials, with online registration or auto-registration, but it’s still nowhere near as simple as it should be. But TheSkimm is trying to help. You can go to this site to check if you’re already registered in your state, and if you’re not, follow their easy steps to GET REGISTERED. Or, if for some reason that site repels you, you can go here or here.

Hey, it’s really cool that we vote every four years to elect a new chief. And yeah, sometimes you might not be jazzed about your options, but you get up, show up, and vote anyways because you can and that is wonderful. Don’t stay home, don’t shirk your civic duty, and tell everyone you know to do the same.