Truth be told, Southie is an area I don’t really spend that much time in. You know, I go to Lincoln every now and then, but I haven’t explored the restaurant scene so much, besides Capo. So I was very happy to try Worden Hall last Friday!

I knew I was excited to try this place because when looking at the menu beforehand, I had trouble even thinking about what I would order. There were just so many things that I wanted. So veg friendly!! We were also in a big group to celebrate a birthday, so I got to scope out a lot of the dishes.

We ordered the crispy polenta fries, sweet potato soup, curly fries, broccoli au gratin, margherita & soppressata deep dish pizzas, brussel sprouts salad, market salad, roasted vegetable strudel, Parisienne gnocchi, and chicken satay. My faves were the broccoli au gratin, gnocchi, and market salad. The market salad was so much better than your classic house green salad. I heard the margherita deep dish was good, but the soppressata wasn’t as big of a hit – as you can see below, it was a lot like meat sauce pizza. The polenta fries were good but I thought almost a bit too soft. Also the drinks were fantastic — I loved my ‘That’s The Idea.’


I am desperate to go back here for brunch. It looks sooo good. I would also love to try the mushroom & vegetable lasagna [um hello lasagna with bechamel sauce?!], burrata crostini, and red lentil chickpea falafel burger. So basically, I see myself eating at Worden Hall several more times.